Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Taobao Shopping, Pastels and Black!

In the Lockshop pictures that I take for the website, I wear mainly clothing that I wouldn't wear in real life, and I'm starting to build up quite a collection of things I got just for the pictures.
I decided early, when Lockshop was still in diapers so to speak, that I would get the clothing from Taobao so that I would save money even though I might buy knockoffs (which I'm sure are 99% of the things that I got). So hopefully it's not too bad for my karma, but you have to cut corners on things (and seeing as one of the shirts in this haul is priced at about €70 retail..).

I've been purchasing indirectly from Taobao for a while now, it started off with Lolita, but some of my most favorite staple pieces (like shorts and tights!) have come from them, and while some can be hit or miss, there are items of nice quality :)

So here is my December haul! I actually ordered this in early November, thinking I could use the clothing for the last Lockshop pictures, but alas. The different shopping service wasn't as fast as I expected (more on that further in the post!). I will do a brief review on each item!

From Taobao seller Queencity, a pair of creepers and holographic glasses (now sold out).
I didn't walk very far on the shoes yet, but they seem sturdy and the soles are good. On the inside and the bottom of the soles they are branded with Queencity. They came with 2 extra shoelaces and they didn't smell too bad for shoes directly from China :)

The glasses have a bit of a flaw, and aren't exactly straight, but they were about €2 so I'm not going to complain.

Harness and choker by Unicorns Shop. I'm not very satsfied with these, however at the same time I didn't pay a lot for them. They seem quite flimsy, the choker isn't finished very well and I think I'd rather save up for a better quality and more expensive set if I would wear it more often.

"Dazzlin" cat shirt. It seems like the seller's store is closed in preparation for Chinese new year, it automatically redirects me so I can't link to it either I'm afraid! However it seems like these shirts are dime a dozen. This shirt was about €4, and looks actually surprisingly well made for the price.
I thought the print was super cute, it reminds me of my kitty Boo :)

Little Bitch chiffon sleeve shirt. From the same seller as above, was also about €4 and seems nice quality too. Doesn't have a tag unlike the previous shirt.

"Snidel" cat shirt. I don't know if this actually a Snidel design, or that they put tags with random information in Japanese on them. If it's not a random tag then the original shirt was over €100, which I doubt. Anyway, this shirt is really lovely. The quality is great and the print is very good too.

"Candy WRL" shirt. This is not a girly fit, but more of a small armed men fit. I actually like that the sleeves are not very big, that way it can be worn underneath cardigans and such without looking strange. It doesn't have a tag or label, but it does have Engrish. The quality of this is also pretty good!

Toxic cupcake kitty ear sweater. Oops, I accidentally deleted the full picture, so you will have to make do with a borrowed one. This is also from the closed store, I didn't try it on yet so I cannot comment on the length of the dress/sleeves yet. But it's looks pretty sturdy, like all the other shirts no loose threads or anything. The print is nice too! Especially nice since it was about €9.

And last but not least, a black seifuku. I got this one in size M, everything except the sleeves fit pretty well considering I'm 5'10" and not small and cute :) However everything looked longer on the stock picture, so I guess I got lucky that I ordered a size up. Like all long sleeved things from China (or Europe), it's short for my arms, but if you're not as tall as I am it shouldn't be such a problem :)

The overall construction is nice, the materials are sturdy and there is not a zipper in the front (like Bodyline has), but on the side. However the material of the tie is very thin and shiny. I don't know what material the ties of real seifuku are, but probably not this. It has a few lose threads here and there, but no major flaws and I'm really happy with it considering the price!

And before I forget, I want to get back about the shopping service.
I used Taobaoring, but usually I use Taobaospree. The reason I switched is because
I heard amazing things about Taobaoring and their shopping cart system is oh so convenient.
While I still think their shopping cart system absolutely rocks, and the service is not bad, they were quite slow, more slow than what I'm used to from Taobaospree. So in the future I might sometimes use them again, if I feel lazy and don't want to fill things out, but I prefer the service of Taobaospree.

Hope this was somewhat useful! I found most of these items by searching for "zipper", "katie" or "amo" on Taobao!

Hope you have great holidays! <3


  1. Wow this is a really great haul! * o *
    I was searching for a black seifuku too so, thanks for sharing the link and the shop's name, I like that it hasn't a zipper on the front side!
    I still never tried ordering from Taobao but I guess the time has definitely come now, eheh~

  2. I love this haul ♥ I wish I wasn't so scared of online shopping! I would try tabobao as well if I could >.< The seifuku looks great!!♥

  3. OMG lovely cat shirts!
    xoxo milla

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  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  6. The 2 cats t shirts are my favourite from your haul !

    The choker also looks quite awesome. Hopefully you will make a FOTD with those clothes very soon :3