Lolita OOTD - Golden Rose

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I know, it's been forever, but I decided to revive my blog again because as usual, I have the biggest plans ever! I wanted a place where I can keep proper track of outfits etcetera, and quite frankly, Tumblr is terrible for that!

I've been meaning to wear lolita at least once a week, a bit because I've collected so much beautiful dresses that need to be worn, but also because I feel good when wearing lolita and taking pretty pictures! However it's easier said than done, it always takes forever for me to get ready and mostly it feels like it's too much effort to get up an do it. Doing my best to get out of this rut though!
Because I didn't wear lolita last Sunday, I wore it today - an ivory and gold outfit - I wish I had golden shoes, but hey maybe in the future!

I tried my best to take a clear picture of the make-up, no color effects.
Most of the detailing hardly shows up, I added gold dots and highlighted various parts
of my face with a super shimmery gold. 

I know halos and other religious inspired headwear is the trend in lolita fashion right now,
and because I feel it's kind of overused at the moment I was a bit hesistant to wear the
headband, but I didn't have a lot of gold toned headwear and I wanted to add something to balance it out! I actually bought it quite a while ago, it's made by Maroonsparrow, and I never had the chance to wear it with anything. I decided to cover it up with the flowers a bit, so that there are only hints of it, and that it doesn't overtake the outfit. I went for a partial up-do with my wig - it's Mermaid Dust -

Outfit rundown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Juliette et Justine
Tights: Juliette et Justine
Bag: Baroque

Well, that was my outfit for now! I feel like I want to do lighter coords more often, and I want to add gold to ALL the things! But first I'm going to take it a bit easier when it comes to purchases :)

About skincare! Things everyone knows already..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I get many questions on how I get such nice skin, and if I can share my secret!
Well, I have to admit that at 22, I'm quite wrinkle free especially compared to people of the same age (or younger!) and I have relatively few skin issues to deal with, but I don't really have a secret.

Except, maybe, that less is more and it's mainly on how you treat your body and less about what to put on your face. Simply put: You don't need all those expensive wonder treatments, unless they're actually prescribed by a doctor and you have a legit medical condition that causes your skin issues.
If you have something like that, then this post might not be something for you, but you could still see if it works for you. Either way, I'm not promising any miracles, just sharing what I do!

Let's start off with how I learned about skincare the hard way!
When I started working as a model I got some advice on how to properly care for your skin. You should use these products, scrub your face with this, use these masks and so on.
So as a starting model I took that advice very serious, why would they give bad advice to someone that makes a living off their face? Good question, probably the same reason why they try to market products you don't need to everyone else too; money.

So after following the advice for maybe 2 weeks (could have been a bit more) and spending too much on expensive skincare products I started to get really bad issues. Not only did I break out like crazy,
my skin also started to flake and I developed sore spots on the places where the flaking started and it was even bleeding at one point. Needless to say, it wasn't really a pretty sight and I immediately quit using the products. Sadly, that didn't solve the problem straight away, my skin remained painful and sensitive for quite a long time afterwards, but thanks to a very helpful drugstore worker I managed to get it under control.

So here are my most important points to keep my skin soft, flaw free and wrinkle free (for now :D ): 

Your skin is your body's largest organ, so your eating habits will most likely reflect on your skin's condition. Changing your eating habits can have a big influence on skin problems, and it's probably one of the cheapest ways to do it! If you don't believe it, read this message I got from a follower on Tumblr! It really was an amazing message to read and inspired me to write about it!

A healthy diet has always been really important for me, it's key to staying healthy yourself!
However that doesn't mean that I never indulge in things like sweets or "bad" food, it's all about moderation and with severely restricting yourself on that point will only make the cravings for those foods worse.

One of the bigger changes in my diet was about 10 years ago, when I started to completely cut out meat from my diet. Since that was around the start of puberty I cannot say if that made any change in my skin, however I never had big issues with my skin and it was one or two pimples at the most when puberty hit the hardest. But a more recent change in diet did improve my skin a lot!
I found out that I'm lactose intolerant, so I slowly changed from eating a lot of dairy products, to replacing the main ones with soy (and now almond!) products! It took a while to get used to it, but now I love it

Going vegetarian (and cutting out dairy) might sound extreme, so here are some less extreme ways to improve your diet and thus your skin!

Cut out sugars as much as possible:
While chocolate might not cause pimples, sugar surely can attribute to breaking out! When I get a pimple, it's most likely caused because I pigged out and got high fat, high sugar cheapo chocolate. Try to avoid high sugar beverages and candy, go for a healthier, more natural and preferably organic alternative. Even better, try Stevia as a natural and healthy sweetener (don't go for artificial sweeteners as they are bad for you!), they even have chocolate with it

More fruit:
Craving sugar? Better choose fruit! Vitamins and antioxidants in fruit are good for your body, and that means that they're good for your skin too!

Less meat, but more vegetables:
So going vegetarian might be too extreme for you, we humans don't need meat everyday!
You might want to think about having at least one meat free day (preferably more of course),
and increase the amount of veggies in your diet. They're healthy and delicious!
If you choose to eat meat, consider buying organic, so you don't "pollute" your system (and thus your skin) with the artificial hormones and other horrible things that get injected in the animals to make them grow big & juicy faster! Plus the animals will have had a better life :)

Organic (fake) dairy:
What I said about going organic with your meat, might also be a good idea for your dairy!
But even better, exchange the milk you put in your cereal in the morning with soy, or almond milk.
While a glass of soy milk is not too great tasting (even for me after such a long time), you get easily used to replacing it for your cereal! There are also great tasting soy deserts for custard!

I can be really short on this... stress is bad for your skin!

If you lead a stressful life and have bad skin, then that might be one of the things that cause it.
Whenever I travel for work, I'm under a great amount of stress and there's a good chance that that will show the next day! But in the current age, it's difficult to get away from stress or to avoid it.
A good way to get rid of it is yoga practices, this can be even simple breathing exercises you can do while in the train or plane if you're really short on time. 

Some people get rid of stress by smoking or (excessive) drinking, and especially smoking will do a lot of damage for your skin. However I have no personal experience with smoking, and going out for a drink never made me break out, so this is just the "you're going to get wrinkles from this and probably lung cancer from the smoking" reminder!

Skincare & routine:
Finally, about the actual "care" part of this post! Now I will let you in on all my evil secrets to a baby's bottom smooth skin ψ(`∇´)ψ

My routine is really, really simple. Mainly because using the regular everyday recommended skincare stuff, is quite harsh for your skin and the chemicals will strip it from beneficial oils and protection for example! Which leads you to buying more products you really don't need otherwise, to replenish them with chemical crap to make up for the damage they did. Well, to be fair, they do need to make money off us somehow!

What I do every day to keep my skin clear & soft is:
I wake up, take a shower. During the shower I wash my face with the water, but not a hand towel or anything scrub-y. After that, I use a perfume free, paraben free moisturizer for sensitive skin.

That's it! Now it might sound a bit gross if you're not used to this "Eww, how can she properly clean her skin like this! What about dead skin cells? No soap???", but if you don't use a whole lot of make-up it's pretty much all you should have to do! Of course, if I wore make-up that day I will remove it before I go to bed or not need to wear it anymore, and I will do that, once again with a perfume and paraben free make-up remover! But since I don't really wear make-up, I rarely have to do that.

So yes, I use 2 products in total to keep my skin like this. However, when I'm in a big city like Paris, I do like to clean my face once a week with an organic toner. That's mainly because I'm there for work and my face get's plastered with make-up, but also because the air isn't as clean there as it is where I live (in a small village on the countryside).

Less is more:
Try to cut down on the amount of products you use. Sudden changes might upset your skin, so do it gradually, and most importantly, go for perfume and paraben free products! I cannot stress this enough!

Another thing that might be a good idea to cut down on, is make-up. I'm talking about full face foundation or tinted moisturizer here! Eye make-up is not as bad for your skin as it doesn't cover your entire face usually ;)

That's pretty much it! I'm probably forgetting a whole lot, but this took way longer to write than thought and I'm super tired so I will add any additional things I forgot tomorrow!

Sleeping Beauty by Haenuli worn!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I know I should've written this post waaaay earlier, but I've been incredibly busy with Lockshop lately! Not only did I release an amazing hand dyed ombre wig that sold like crazy, but I'm also working on final steps for the BJD tights that I'm having printed AND I started to learn Chinese!
So yeah, I've been kind of really busy :)

I guess you've already read my review on Haenuli's Sleeping Beauty print wich I wrote.. quite a while ago already! I've been meaning to wear it, but I had difficulty finding a proper blouse for it! At 5'10/11" most long sleeved blouses are way too short in the sleeves, so I tried getting one off Taobao but none of the stores I had in mind took custom size orders for the blouses (,,#゚Д゚)
In the end I got a blouse from Innocent World that is ridiculously short on my arms, but I'm going to have to live with that (._.)

The pictures were taking on the railroad next to my house, though a little further along. I
It goes past by an old industrial terrain that's partially deserted and especially in the summer the places get really overgrown with all sorts of plants. It's quite beautiful!
But because it's Autumn and more like Winter here, it's not as overgrown but it does
capture the Autumn feeling quite well!

Outfit rundown:
JSK: Haenuli
Headbow: Haenuli
Blouse: Innocent World
Wig: Lockshop
Shoes: Custom design Antainna
Everything else: Suppurate System & Offbrand

It was fun to wear lolita again! I must do it more often :)

Haenuli's Sleeping Beauty Review

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When I saw Korean brand Heanuli's beautiful Sleeping Beauty print pop up on Facebook I fell immediately in love, the beautiful and elegant print is very versatile and can easily work in classic, gothic and sweet styles due to the large amount of color choices that are available!

There were 2 different styles of OP, 1 JSK and 1 high waisted skirt.

There was one "basic" style OP (shown left upper picture, $210) with puff sleeves and lacing at the sides of the waist and lace running through the middle of the waist, I really love the lacing at the sides, but OP's never fit me correctly because I have tiny shoulders and bust.

The other OP (shown left lower picture, $240) is a special edition, with a white top part (wich I absolutely love - it's so elegant looking) and detachable sleeves. It has no shirring.

The JSK (shown right upper picture, $190) has lacing at the sides like the basic style OP and is in my opinion the most versatile piece of the collection.

And not to forget the high waisted skirt (shown right lower picture, $110), it has plastic corset boning and partial shirring! 

What I noticed is that the designs are actually quite long, so if you're a tall girl then you don't have to worry about the length at all!  ♥

The dresses and skirt are available in 7 different color choices, now here is where the problem came in for me... choosing the dress/skirt style was already difficult, but the color even more!
I didn't want to go for the black, because I already have so much black in my closet, and I thought the ivory colorway was very beautiful and suitable for classic, but it wouldn't really fit in my closet.

Haenuli actually helped me with picking a color, and in the end I settled for the bordeaux colorway of the JSK! I have to say... this preview picture doesn't do it justice at all!

Pre-ordering was really easy and Haenuli was an absolute sweetheart to work with, despite having problems with the factory that printed her fabric, everything was delivered in a very timely manner!
The order was shipped with EMS and I surprisingly didn't have to pay any customs fee and the package was marked as a gift without me having to ask for it ( ´∀`)

She even included a cute mousepad, card holder and a super sweet note!  \(*T▽T*)/

The pink packaging contains my order! And some more goodies, I think Haenuli wants to make me fat with the candy hahah! Omnomnom (`▽´)Ψ 

 The dress and the headbow! The headbow has lace added as I requested ♥

 Close up of the bodice and the headbow (click the picture to enlarge),
it has a detachable bow on the front! 

Close up of the back, corset lacing and shirring! I like that it's not through
the lace like with Baby for example, I'm always afraid that the lace rips!

 Beautiful, crisp print with amazing colors and matching lace!


The dress is made of a super soft feeling polyester that has a bit of a stretch to it.
I prefer fabric like this because it doesn't wrinkle or attract hair, so it's quite low maintenance.
On the inside there was an extra fabric covered button (for the straps) attached, a business card, a fabric sample and instructions on how to take care of the dress! It's good to know that you can wash it by hand, I always worry about that! She also made the dress a bit smaller than usual so it would fit me better, I didn't request it because I didn't know that would be ok so it was such a pleasant and sweet surprise!

I didn't take any pictures of the dress worn yet, because I'm waiting on a blouse that matches, I think that it will look absolutely beautiful paired with an ivory blouse, since that comes back in the print. So hopefully I can wear it soon! 

My rating of Haenuli & Sleeping Beauty:
Quality of items: ★★★★★
Finishing of items: ★★★★☆ (no loose threads or anything, but there were 2 small pulls in the fabric)
Price: ★★★★★ (I think this price is absolutely fine for the quality, but I think it might make people a bit uncertain because it's not a very wellknown brand)
Communication:  ★★★★★ (I would give more than 5 stars if possible)

Overall: ★★★★★
Would I buy again? 
YES! It was a pleasure to deal with Haenuli, and the items are so much better than I ever imagined ♥

The Tea Party Club: 5th Anniversary visit :D

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello everyone!

I know this is a bit of a late post, but I was super busy when I returned from the event!

As you may, or may not know, last Saturday and Sunday (8th and 9th of September) was the 5th anniversary of the Tea Party Club! The designer of Juliette et Justine and the editor of Gothic & Lolita Bible were special guests of honor (and Koitsukihime a Japanese doll artist!), so I was super excited to be able to grab myself a ticket for both days and go to London!

I've personally only been to a handful of meets and it's something I always get very nervous and stressed about, this time even more because it was in a different country, I never met any of the girls (and guys!) attending in real life before and I'm always worried to make a bad impression on people or that no one likes me (ノдヽ) but all my worries were for nothing, because everyone was so incredibly sweet! I cannot say this enough, I met some of the most fun, crazy and nicest people there!
I'd like to thank Jessi especially because she waited on me at the airport! I wish I spent more time with you ;o; you were so sweet!

There was a raffle on both Saturday and Sunday, a fashion show and various contests!
On Saturday there were also some sellers, including one for Juliette et Justine, despite having a VIP ticket with early attendance I didn't have the time to be at the Juliette et Justine stall to buy something when it just opened :( so when I got there there was almost nothing in size 1 left, the prices were really good too! I did get 2 pairs of special edition tights and one kitty shirt (it was given to the models after the fashion show as a thank you gift from Juliette et Justine, so nice!), but I forgot to take pictures of my loot :P I also won a signed CD from Ali Project during the raffle on sunday!

The fashion show that was hosted on Saturday featured their newest line, and 2 special dresses. I was picked as one of the lucky girls to be modelling during the show, and I was picked for the Gothic & Lolita Bible shoot! I was quite shocked to hear that, because there was one girl in the show line up that in my opinion suited their brand so much better! But ofcourse I was very happy to have been picked ヽ(゜Q。)ノ we shot for the Gothic & Lolita Bible on Saturday morning, I had to get up at 4 am. to be able to get there in time, but it was a wonderful day and I survived it remarkably well!

The lovely Karmen took a few snaps of me during the shoot at the Charing Cross hotel!
I'm wearing the Queen Elizabeth I dress here, it has a lot of gorgeous details (though it makes me look really flat chested), and the best part is... I get it as a gift from the designer!
During the fitting on Friday I was gushing over how beautiful the dress was and the designer turned around and was like "well.... you can have it! We will make it to your size and send it" - Mariko already told me that I could pick out a dress as payment for the shoot, but I didn't expect an unique piece like this! 

So because I was walking during the show, I couldn't get any pictures of it! I took these off Facebook, so I won't take the entire line-up and post them here <(。_。)>

My first outfit, and opening for the show: Queen Elizabeth I OP (pictures taken by Hayley Tolley)
I walked way too fast here, so I ruined the pictures even more than the other ones :<

My second outfit, GLB & JetJ collaboration: The circus OP (pictures taken by Hayley Tolley and Kandee Monsoon)
Such a beautiful and also unique OP, I love the skirt that you can wear seperately too!

My last, and closing outfit: Marie Antoinette OP (pictures taken by Dan Hardwick and Livija Dale)
So I have to admit that this one is way too pink on me, but it's also absolutely gorgeous! It photographs so well too!

Ok, and now... I will try to type less and post more pictures!
While picking out the pictures I decided.. to.. add a bit extra, if you like any pictures you see and would like the original without all the weird crap, let me know!

Friday & Saturday: 

A part of the pictures are from the rehearsal! I think everyone was quite tired at that point...
Also... I'm not sure if you can tell, but I tried to smile a bit more in pictures! The result is a bit creepy sometimes, I need to practice more (*`▽´)_旦 I really did practice in front of the mirror though!

I know, I could've easily shopped lazer eyes here, but I thought I should make a pirate out of someone!

So here you have laser eyes! And the shoes are totally not photoshopped. At all.

 The picture that started everything....


 We had a quick lunch break before the show, the food was very welcome (mainly noodles and sushi! omnomnom, I had tofu noodles)

 I looked so creepy in this photo, so I fixed that. Mariko has such a lovely style (and I'm totally wanting that bunny dress!)

 We're so fancy~★
These two lovely girls had way too much style for their own good, I'm positively jealous and was super excited to meet them because I admire their styles a lot!

So that was it for the pictures on Saturday! I didn't take a lot because I was running around the whole day! I really wish I got pictures of the ending of Saturday though.. because something absolutely wonderful happened after the lovely Kyra gave a speech :)
Her boyfriend proposed to her! I think everyone shed a tear at that moment, because it was absolutely perfect and a beautiful moment to witness! I wish them a long and happy marriage  ♥

So there were no proposals on Sunday (still a few emotional moments!), but there was a High Tea with great food:

 With Mariko, Karmen and Mari ♥
(I seriously covet those OPs)

I've stolen this picture from Kyra's Facebook because it totally beats mine!

I stole this one from Kyra too! :3

I didn't take a picture with her, but I did get to meet the lovely Octavekitten! :3 Next time I will bother her for a snap together!

\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ I can't get over how sweet she was!!

I'm looking scared, but it was lovely meeting Dani! She also was a luckybug during the event :D winning almost everything haha!

Not only can she sing and is a great mangaka but she's also teller of awesome stories :3 and part time fairy?

Re enacting the proposal yesterday? Sorry for a close eyed shot, but Kyra is looking so adorable *o*

I'm having a total style envy right here, damn.

With Herajika! Aaaaand... looking like a crazy killer again :D
 That were all the pictures! I had so much more that I planned to tell you, but I can't remember ;o;
I think for now, this wall of text is probably enough anyway!

Hopefully I can go again next year, that would be so amazing!