Lolita OOTD - Innocent World x Flowers + Video [non lolita]!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Still no wallpaper unfortunately, but I have another outfit I wore yesterday!
This dress has been hanging in my closet for a while now, I didn't wear it before because it's a wrinklemonster. It's bad. I steamed it twice and it's still wrinkly. But I might just have to get over it, because it does have a lovely silhouette! I also thought that it was a bit boring, so I made a flower brooch and clipped 2 matching flowers to the "drape" of the skirt.

Oh yeah! No heels! The reason why I wore heelless shoes is not because they're super comfy (which they really are!), but because they have flowers on them! I should've taken a close up, because it matched perfectly :)

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Offbrand
Hair Accessories: Primark
Wig: Mermaid Beachy by Lockshop Wigs

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  1. This outfit is wonderful and I must say you are such a beauty! <3